Monas does not manage dependencies or environments itself, but it should work with most tools of Python packaging.

PEP 517 support#

Since subpackages are installed in editable mode, Monas supports all build backends that support editable installation. The list includes:

  1. setuptools

  2. pdm

  3. flit

  4. hatch

Moreover, the above backends now all support PEP 621/PEP 631 metadata, so Monas will initialize the project metadata with PEP 621 format stored in pyproject.toml. At present, Monas does not work with package managers that do not support PEP 621.


Monas uses virtualenv and pip to install dependencies by creating a .venv folder under each subpackage. Fortunately, the above selected package managers can detect virtualenv automatically and you can start your work from it.


Monas works the same in arbitrary sub directories in the project.

No lock files will be created

Monas, however, does not create any lock files. This is to ensure the installation is fast and correct. That is to say, Monas doesn’t talk with any package managers other than pip.

Thanks to the standardization of PEP 621 and PEP 631, Monas is able to add new dependency lines into the pyproject.toml file in a uniform way. You can anyway use your favorite package managers from the subpackage directory and create lock files if necessary.