Quick Start#

Install Monas#

Monas requires Python >=3.8.

It is recommended to install with pipx, if pipx haven’t been installed yet, refer to the pipx’s docs

pipx install monas

Alternatively, install with pip to the user site:

python -m pip install --user monas

Create a monorepo#

Monas is integrated with Git. You need to install it if it isn’t on your system.

git init mono-project
cd mono-project
monas init

Add a subpackage#

monas new foo

Answer a few questions and the subpackage foo will be created under packages/ directory.

See what packages are added:

monas list

Install all packages and dependencies#

monas install

Monas will create a virtualenv under each subpackage and install all dependencies into it. The subpackage itself and other subpackages, if required, are installed in editable mode. That is to say, any changes locally will take effect immediately.

Add dependencies to the subpackages#

monas add click

The dependencies will be installed into the .venv folder under each subpackage.

Submit and push#

git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"
git remote add origin <your repo url>
git push -u origin main

Bump version and Publish#

monas bump
monas publish

A git tag of the specified version together with a PyPI release will be published.